“The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our homes.”  

                                                                          ~Harold B. Lee

As a real estate agent, Caitlin O’Donovan truly believes that purchasing a home is more than finding a place to rest your head at night.  In her own words, a home should be an extension of self that allows one to connect with the world around it; all while feeling safe in the confines of this special place that is uniquely your own.  


Caitlin O’Donovan

1149 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 6

Rosemont, PA 19010


215-880-9251 (cell)


Caitlin O’Donovan’s Accomplishments:

Bachelor's Degree from University of Loyola, Baltimore, MD

Master’s Degree from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA

5 years History Teacher

Licensed Real Estate Agent in the PA since 2012

Dedicated member of Suburban West REALTORS Association since 2012

As an avid lover of history, Caitlin O’Donovan loves the unique story that each home holds. She loves the prospect of connecting each client to the right home that will one day tell the story of their life.   As a former teacher, Caitlin carries a strong ability to guide each client through the process of a real estate transaction, partially due to her attention to detail and her unyielding commitment, which helps to create a stress-free environment for each of her clients.  

Caitlin was born and raised in Lower Gwynedd, a suburb of Philadelphia and currently resides in the heart of the Main Line, Wayne.  She is drawn to the rich historical charm and architectural detail that can be found in each of the Philadelphia suburbs’ and city’s homes and communities.  Living in the Philadelphia area her whole life, Caitlin is extremely knowledgeable of the Philadelphia suburbs as well as the city neighborhoods and what makes each community unique. Though her greatest strength as your agent is her ability to listen.  This makes Caitlin O’Donovan an extremely valuable asset to her clients.

When she is not focusing her energies towards real estate, you can find Caitlin running in the beautiful neighborhoods of Wayne or the local trails found throughout Delaware and Montgomery County,  jumping in a spin class at her local gym, or playing tennis with friends.   Whether it is in her local neighborhood or a train ride to the city, Caitlin and her husband love a night out exploring different restaurants and cuisines that make Philadelphia such a special place to live.